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Recent federal law now gives control to Washington to decide whether special education students at Tooele High School can continue their bake sale projects? Don’t parents, teachers and principals have a role in deciding the unique needs of those unique children they know best and love most in their unique community? If the federal government will do this, what won’t they do?

501(c)(3) (pending)

Where's The Line America

A non-profit, 501(c)(3) pending Foundation
Rediscovering What The Limits Of Limited Government Should Be

Vision: The vision of Where’s the Line, America? Foundation is to be the preeminent resource for teaching the nation of the unique power in our constitutional system of government in knowing and maintaining “The Line” between the roles of the federal government and the states.

Mission: To accomplish our Vision, we:

  • cultivate a national, non-partisan dialogue about where “The Line” is, and where it should be, for the long-term best interest of the nation;
  • employ state of the art educational technologies to help people learn and then teach others Where’s the Line?
  • establish a nationwide network for community and educational outreach to teach and discuss Where’s the Line?
  • publish the foremost e-newsletter regarding the history, current issues, and actions relating to “The Line.”
  • empower people to encourage their representatives at all levels of government to explore, re-establish, and maintain “The Line.”

We coordinate our Mission through the four primary pillars of Where’s the Line, America?:

  • STUDY – to gain a working understanding of Where’s the Line, America?
  • SHARE – Where’s the Line, America? with neighbors, friends and family
  • ASK– government representatives at every level Where’s the Line, America?
  • COMMIT – time, talents, resources and relationships to building the national, non-partisan dialogue about Where’s the Line, America?

Values: In accomplishing our Mission, we embrace the following Values:

  • WTLA Foundation is non-partisan.
  • Our focus is on re-discovering where “The Line” was historically intended to be and why, and where in practice it is now, as a resource for citizens and policy makers to better analyze and act upon where “The Line” should be for the long-term best interest of the nation.
  • Accordingly, we concentrate on the proper jurisdiction for deciding important issues, NOT on deciding the merits of what important issues should be (i.e. Where to Decide, NOT What to Decide).
  • In all we do, we strive to answer the question “What Can I Do?” to help cultivate the national dialogue regarding Where’s the Line, America?


a 501(c)(3) Pending Foundation
9067 South 1300 West Ste 304
West Jordan UT 84088
(801) 571-5515

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