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How does the federal government come to control whether a special education class can continue its bake sale program? If the federal government can do this, what can't it do? Where's the Line?

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King World News interview regarding Utah's efforts to restore the balance and maintain the line between the roles of the federal and state governments

Governor Gary HerbertUtah Governor signs into law the Federal Law Evaluation and Response Act which provides a modern-day "committees of correspondence" framework where a state federalism committee reviews, evaluates and responds in a measured dispute resolution framework to all federal action that crosses “the constitutional line.” Click here to read this bill and here to read a summary of the bill."

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) approves a version of Utah's Federal Law Evaluation and Response Act as national model legislation." Click here to view the model legislation."

Utah passes the Federal Receipts Reporting Requirements Act which provides for all state agencies to prepare contingency plans for the eventuality that federal funds to Utah may be diminished. Click here to view this legislation.

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The work continues. Check back often.

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